Types of Emails Casinos Use For Marketing 840x385 - Types of Emails Casinos Use For Marketing

The casino owners need to use the right marketing tactics to get more customers. Email marketing is very effective in various stages of player engagement. Casinos are getting more competitive. This counts for both brick-and-mortar casinos and reputable online casino like griffoncasinoonline.com. The casino marketers should concentrate on the following three types of emails. Welcoming A Player As a casino owner, you need to get the attention of players by welcoming them digitally, and this must be done using a series of emails. The emails should be such that they reinforce the brand’s reputation. You can learn how your brand differs from the competitors. ARead More →

Things You Should Know Before Migrating Email To The Cloud 840x385 - Things You Should Know Before Migrating Email To The Cloud

If you need to exchange a vast number of emails, then your current email platform may not be adequate to hold so much data. So, you need to migrate email to the cloud. It is a complex process, and you need a lot of experience to do so. Here are some things you need to consider before migrating email to the cloud. Access Hosted Email It is expensive to maintain, manage and secure email servers on-premises. The data is archived to a cloud platform like Hosted Exchange or Office 365. This will reduce the cost of maintaining data in-house. The office staff won’t suffer fromRead More →

Steps For Email Migration Process 840x385 - Steps For Email Migration Process

Email migration is necessary when your current email platform is not serving your purpose. Though it might seem a bit complicated at the beginning, if you know the right process, then it’s nothing so difficult. Here are the steps you should follow for email migration. Planning This is the initial stage of the email migration process, and here, you have to examine the risks and impacts you can that you should expect. You need to do a thorough system review so that you can find out how much data need to be transferred. You can transfer address books, calendar appointments, and other things. Email RepositoryRead More →